Bridal portraits are a fantastic way to add some more creative images to complement your wedding day coverage.  Some of our couples choose to do it on the day and when your timeline allows, this is more than possible.  But if the timeline goes wrong and there are delays or if you feel that the time to create amazing portraits on the day is just not possible without taking your away from your guests for too long, then a post-wedding bridal shoot is great chance to add some different images to your album without the pressures of the day to create some truly unique portraits.

Our clients had their wedding in Windsor and their wedding reception was at the fantastic Hedsor House, so their wedding day was very much a manor house style wedding.  Their engagement photo session was in London, so a very urban setting.  We arranged a trip to the Peak District in order to capture some atmospheric bridal portraits for these guys to complement their already growing collection of images.

The weather wasn’t the greatest, but the closed-in weather gave me the chance to capture some moody images with more muted tones than we usually shoot.  Please take a look and tell us what you think.

We realise that not everyone wants to get back into their wedding attire and head to the Peak District for photos, but we do urge our clients to make that extra effort to get amazing images if photography is important to them.



Would you want to create bridal portraits after your wedding?

If you would like to arrange a bridal portrait session with us as part of your wedding collection, even if you had another wedding photographer for your wedding but you love our style, I would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you get some amazing images