find a wedding dress that flatters your body

Today we are talking about how to find a wedding dress that flatters your body type and as I’m sure you will understand, this is not a topic that I feel anywhere near qualified enough to write about.

So to help me out I have enlisted the help of some of my friends in the wedding industry.  Firstly I’m going to hand you over to Alison Eldridge from Townhouse Bridal who sent me the following info when we spoke about this topic.

One of the most important things when finding the right wedding dress for your body shape is to be open-minded.  Lots of brides find they look good in a style they never thought they could pull off so trying different options is really important, especially when you first start trying bridal gowns on.  You’ll then be able to rule out what you like and what you don’t and get a clearer idea of what you feel the best in.

What to look for when trying to find a wedding dress that flatters your body type.

One of the biggest misconceptions is with fitted wedding dresses, such as a fishtail style, where often brides think that you have to be a small dress size to pull off that sort of look.  In reality, however, it’s about body shape rather than size.  The key is having curves in the right places, if you’ve got those then it’s helloooo Jessica Rabbit!

find a wedding dress that flatters your body
Photo credit – Romantica Bridal

Fabric can also play a big part with fitted styles.  Crepe wedding dresses are effortlessly elegant, but they offer little to no support and plain fabric can be unforgiving if you have lumps and bumps you want to hide.  For a fitted dress with more support, go for something with a heavier lining and boning where possible.  It will hold you in and help show off that gorgeous figure!

Whilst we’re talking about shape, let’s get arms covered, or not as the case may be!  Lots of brides ask for sleeves as they tell me they don’t like their arms, but once they’re on they don’t always like them.  Sometimes they even draw more attention to the part you’re trying to hide!  Focus on finding the right shape for your body… Once you find the dress that makes you feel amazing you’ll forget all about wanting to cover bits up.

A-line and ballgown styles are the easiest shapes to wear, as they can nip you in at the waist and then everything underneath is hidden as the fabric falls to the floor.  Even these have slight variances however with waistlines sitting higher or lower depending on the style, so again it’s important to work out what looks right on you.  This is where height can also play a part, as a petite bride may feel swamped in a high waisted ball gown, but like a princess in a similar style with a dropped waist.

If you’ve found yourself falling pregnant before your wedding day then that can change everything completely!  To find a wedding dress that flatters your body style, the perfect style to look out for is an empire line, which will sit just under the bust and ensure you and your bump are comfortable whilst still looking like a beautiful bride.

find a wedding dress that flatters your body
Photo credit – Bianco Evento Bridal

Finally, don’t forget the impact accessories can also have on how a dress looks.  Sometimes all it takes is something as simple as adding a belt to highlight your waist and show off your amazing figure.  Trust your bridal consultant when they make suggestions and work with them to find a wedding dress that flatters your body type and that looks perfect for you.

Words by Alison Eldridge from Townhouse Bridal in St Neots

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