Modern Wedding Themes

Once you have chosen your venue, you may want to start thinking about the overall theme of the day as this will influence a lot of the choices that will follow. You will actually be able to focus your searches more accurately once you have a venue secured are clear about your theme which will ultimately save you time and stop you feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there. At this stage, you are most probably scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration and frantically pinning any idea that you love (which is hundreds) It is easy to get carried away in the excitement of being newly engaged. In this blog, we want to give you a strategy if you are considering modern wedding themes because at this stage of planning it will help everything else fall into place.

Like every aspect of wedding planning, there are so many themes that you can choose from. Perhaps you are thinking romantic, bohemian, alternative, traditional, modern, casual. Ultimately, it should reflect you as a couple and feel right for you. Most couples want to create a day that is unique to them and different from other weddings they have attended.

Modern Wedding Themes

This blog will focus on Modern wedding themes. In our previous blog post about how to find ‘Modern Wedding Venues in Hertfordshire’ we talked about choosing a venue to suit your requirements and making that one of the first decisions to make in the planning process. With this secured, planning your theme is the next logical step. You have no doubt taken inspiration from attending weddings of friends and family and will definitely have seen features that you like and features that you do not think will suit your style. There are some really simple ways to add a modern twist on your wedding day.

With modern wedding themes, less is definitely more. Stripping everything back and deciding what is really important for you on the day will give you a good starting point. If there are too many elements to your decor or clashing concepts, the look can become busy and take attention away from what is important on the day which is YOU.

When thinking of a Modern Theme, think clean lines, minimal styles, geometric shapes and bold accent colours. It is also a really good idea to talk to a wedding planner for them to predict future trends if your wedding date is a year or two away. We have found our top 5 tips to put a modern twist on your wedding day, even if you have chosen a more traditional or historic building. There are a couple of types of minimalist theme. The first is organic minimalism using lots of white with accents of colour or greenery which we have discussed below. Another is modern minimalism which uses shapes and geometry. Industrial minimalism is a meeting of rustic and urban features.

Our top 5 tips to create Modern Wedding Themes

TIP #1 – Get clear on your vision.

Try choosing 3 words that you would want to describe the style on your wedding day. Once you are clear on this, you

can communicate this to your wedding planner and start looking for wedding vendors that match your requirements. Some examples of the words you might be choosing from are: contemporary, modern, stylish, elegant, geometric, timeless, clean, crisp, avantgarde, fresh, graceful.

Modern Wedding Themes

TIP #2 – Classic White

Keeping everything white is a classic modern wedding style that will never go out of fashion. It is pure, timeless and elegant. Having an all-white backdrop can put a spotlight on other details throughout your day such as tableware, favours, cake etc. Once you have chosen this theme, you can then consider other details such as white wedding invites, white flowers for your bouquet, simple white cake and so on. You may want to consider a photography style that is light and airy to reflect the theme of your day. Adding greenery instead of flowers to a white backdrop can add a stunning pop of natural colour.

TIP #3 – Eliminate decor or minimal decor

This is a very modern wedding approach that keeps the focal point solely on you as a couple. By removing all the fuss, it highlights the elements that do remain to allow you to choose the details that are important to you. For example, you may consider natural wooden tables with white linen accents and sprigs of greenery for a clean and organic look. Centrepieces may include a single flower in beautiful glassware. Your wedding dress may be classic and simple giving you an elegant look to complement your theme.

TIP #4 – Use of negative space

Nothing says modern and exclusive than the use of clever negative space, again taking advantage of the ‘less is more’ concept. Use of negative space can be applied to your wedding invitations with minimal text surrounded by lots of white space or to your table layout where you forgo favours, cup and saucers etc in order to keep plenty of white space around the place setting for a really clean look.

TIP #5 – Using black as an accent colour

Black is the perfect colour for a modern wedding. It says elegance and sophistication. It can be as subtle as an outline around your wedding stationery and place settings or more obvious like black table mats. However, the use of black as an accent colour is a sure way to bring a bit of drama to your modern wedding theme.


Hope you have enjoyed our modern wedding themes post. Once you have decided that you want a modern wedding theme, you can begin looking at other vendors that can provide you with services and products that compliment your vision. For example a wedding photographer with a modern and dramatic style, a cakemaker with clean lines and designs on their cakes, a stationery designer that can give you that clean and timeless look.

If you would like to talk to us about how our style of photography can capture your modern wedding day, please get in touch to find out if your wedding date is available.

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