At Lee Rushby Photography I believe that every client should leave with one of our beautifully printed, luxury wedding albums full of their amazing images and that this is the most important investment that a couple can make on their wedding day.

After all…  When the champagne has all been drunk and the memories of the party have faded, the wedding album is the only thing that a couple will have left to remind them about how amazing their wedding day was.

When browsing through the pages of your handcrafted album, all it takes is an image to jog your memory and take you right back to the day with all the amazing feelings that you had at the time.

Luxury wedding albums really are your first family heirloom.  An album is not just an investment for now, but it is an investment in your family legacy, for your children and grandchildren to enjoy for many years to come.  In 50 years time, your children and grandchildren will be able to look through the album and see exactly what you were like when you were younger and feel all that joy in finding out about their parent’s lives before they came along.

We only work with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure that the products that reach you, our loyal customers are the of the highest standards and will stand the test of time and still be a joy to look at in 200 years if cared for correctly.

Luxury Wedding Albums from GraphiStudio.

Please look below at some of the amazing products that we offer to ensure that all of your memories are kept safe for generations to come.

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Weddings days are full of fun and when we are doing video too it's a full crew on your wedding day.